Note: I am (slowly) in the process of making copies of all manuscripts, data, and analysis code publicly available. Please email me ( for copies of any material that doesn’t yet appear here!

Refereed Publications

Chapman, D. A., Corner, A., Webster, R., & Markowitz, E. M. (2016). Climate visuals: A mixed-methods investigation of public perceptions of climate images in three countries. Global Environmental Change, 14, 172-182. [Select Press: Grist;] Paper here.

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Book Chapters

Chapman, D. A., Trott, C. D., Silka, L., Lickel, B., & Clayton, S. (2018). Psychological perspectives on community resilience and climate change: insights and directions for future research. In S. C. Clayton & C. Manning (Eds.), Psychology and Climate Change. Paper Proofs here.

Feygina, I., Chapman, D. A., & Markowitz, E. M. Climate Change, Climate Justice, Human Rights, and Women’s Rights. Invited chapter to appear in N. S. Rubin & R. L. Flores (eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Human Rights. (accepted for publication)

Other Publications

Markowitz, E. M., & Chapman, D. A. (2019). Engaging diverse audiences on climate change adaptation: key insights for effective communication from across the social sciences. Report commissioned by Spitfire Strategies.

Chapman, D. A. (August, 2015). Climate change and disasters: how framing affects justifications for giving or withholding aid to disaster victims. SPSP Character and Context Blog, guest post. Available at:

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Corner, A., Webster, R. & Teriete, C. (2015). Climate visuals: seven principles for visual climate change communication (based on international social research). Oxford: Climate Outreach. (Credited as a contributing author). Available at: