Working Papers

Chapman, D. A. Climate change and its implications for conflict: a social psychological perspective. Working draft here. [Note: portions of this manuscript are reproduced in Feygina, Chapman, & Markowitz]

Chapman, D. A., Guckian, M., Lickel, B., & Markowitz, E. M. Interactive effects of social identities on owners’ responses to the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Data and manuscript available here.

Chapman, D. A., Lickel, B., & Gonzalez, R. Estimating the influence of place attachment on well-being and support for public policies: evidence from indigenous and non-indigenous Chileans.

Guckian, M. L., Chapman, D. A., Lickel, B., & Markowitz, E. M (under review). From boycotting to badmouthing: examining Americans’ reactions to high-profile corporate scandals. (draft available upon request)

Motta, M., Chapman, D. A., Haglin, K., & Kahan, D. M. Reducing the Administrative Demands of the Science Curiosity Scale (SCS): A Validation Study. Draft available here.

(note: working papers refer to completed manuscript drafts that are still in the process of editing, and/or are under peer review.)

Manuscripts in Preparation

Chapman, D. A. & Kahan, D. M.. Scientific consensus as (climate) science communication: a theoretical, methodological, and practical critique.

Chapman, D. A., & Kahan, D. M. Disentangling the effects of science intelligence and partisan identity in the measurement of objective climate change knowledge.

Chapman, D. A., Motta, M., Kaglin, K., & Kahan, D. M. Cognitive proficiency and politicized risk perceptions: comparing and contrasting the effects of different measurement strategies.

Chapman, D. A. et al. Modeling vulnerability to disasters: the roles of personal experience, community resilience, and geography.

Chapman, D. A. Lickel, B., & Gonzalez, R. Investigating the psychology of community resilience: insights from Chile.

(note: manuscripts in preparation refer to manuscripts in which arguments have been constructed, data have been collected, and drafting of manuscript is in progress)