Working Papers

Chapman, D. A. Climate change and its implications for conflict: a social psychological perspective. Working draft here.

Chapman, D. A., Guckian, M., Lickel, B., & Markowitz, E. M. Interactive effects of social identities on owners’ responses to the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Data and manuscript available here.

Chapman, D. A. & Kahan, D. M.. Scientific consensus as (climate) science communication: a theoretical, methodological, and practical critique. (draft available upon request)

Chapman, D. A., & Kahan, D. M. Disentangling the effects of science intelligence and partisan identity in the measurement of objective climate change knowledge. (draft available upon request)

Feygina, I., Chapman, D. A., & Markowitz, E. M. Climate Change, Climate Justice, Human Rights, and Women’s Rights. Invited chapter to appear in N. S. Rubin & R. L. Flores (eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Human Rights. (draft available upon request)

Guckian, M. L., Chapman, D. A., Lickel, B., & Markowitz, E. M. Blaming culture for corporate misconduct: examining Americans’ reactions to high-profile corporate scandals. (draft available upon request)

Haglin, K., Chapman, D. A., Motta, M., & Kahan, D. M. (in peer review) How localized outbreaks and changes in media coverage affect Zika attitudes in national and local contexts. (draft available upon request)

Motta, M., Chapman, D. A., Stecula, D., Haglin, K., & Kahan, D. M. (Revise and resubmit). An Experimental Examination of Measurement Disparities in Public Climate Change Beliefs. Working draft here.

(note: working papers refer to completed manuscript drafts that are still in the process of editing, and/or are under peer review.)

Manuscripts in Preparation

Chapman, D. A., Lickel, B., & Gonzalez, R. The influence of place attachment on well-being and support for public policies: evidence from indigenous and non-indigenous Chileans.

Chapman, D. A. et al. Modelling vulnerability to disasters: the roles of personal experience, community resilience, and geography.

Chapman, D. A., Corner, A., & Markowitz, E. Cultural worldviews and engagement with climate change visual imagery.

Chapman, D. A. Lickel, B., & Gonzalez, R. Investigating the psychology of community resilience: insights from Chile.

Chapman, D. A., Saucier, C., & Karlin, B. The influence of 360 video experiences on immersion in, attitudes toward, and responses to public health problems.

Chapman, D. A., Lickel, B., Kushlev, K., & Schmader, T. Disentangling the effects of moral and performance failures on the expression of self-conscious emotions.

(note: manuscripts in preparation refer to manuscripts in which arguments have been constructed, data have been collected, and drafting of manuscript is in progress)