I’m a behavioral scientist and musician currently based in New England. I spend the majority of my time conducting scientific research and consulting on environmental problems, science communication strategies, and humanitarian dilemmas (see ‘Scientific Research’). When not conducting research, I produce music under the name FORGETTING (see ‘Music Production’).

My research spans multidisciplinary and international boundaries, drawing on insights from psychology, political science, communications, geography, and experimental philosophy, among others, while utilizing data collected from the continental U.S., Alaska, Chile, Argentina, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Germany. I have served or am currently serving as a consultant, researcher, and project evaluator for various news organizations (e.g., PBS Newshour, KQED Science, The Guardian, Huffington Post), international organizations and advocacy groups (e.g., the International Energy Agency, The Nature Conservancy), and energy utilities (e.g., CalPine, SoCalGas, Pacific Gas & Electric).

I hold a PhD in the Psychology of Peace and Violence from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I studied primarily with Brian Lickel in Psychology and Ezra Markowitz in Environmental Conservation. Currently, I am a science communication researcher at the Annenberg Public Policy Center (University of Pennsylvania) and a research fellow in the Yale Law School. I concurrently hold a position as a Science Advisor for the See Change Institute.